Cinema (October,2013): Tom Hiddleston’s interview



He wanted an army and he got it: of ‘fans’. Thor’s bad brother enjoys his moment of glory.

Your appearance in the last Comic-Con, dressed as Loki, was glorious.

Having so much fun with my work should be illegal. I love being Loki and it was my way to thank fans of the character. The public was a fundamental part of this small show. I come from the theater and I know that if they do not respond to your performance it is incredibly hard to motivate yourself as an actor. Am I boring? In the end, you just think about that kind of stuff.

Has Loki been such a blessing?

Of course!. I don’t know if the answer will be the same when I will be 60, but now it is. Every time you play a role, this is the type of reaction you are looking for. There are really good actors out there who never get to experience this connection with an audience, so I consider myself a privileged person.

You interact a lot with fans on Twitter

I started with it because I liked being in contact with them, to express my point of view without intermediaries. Twitter is like the school bulletin board: some use it to report interesting things and others to do graffiti or to make stupid jokes. I am lucky, because people have shown me great affection.

You are going to surprise us singing and dancing in Muppets Most Wanted

I never had so much fun on a shoot in my life. In my first day on set, I shared the stage with Kermit, the frog, and I could not stop laughing. I had to ask them to stop, because I needed to compose myself.

How do you do not to let fame to make you an idiot?

I have no idea, I’m still doing what I used to do before doing Thor, like going to places by train. I think what keeps you safe is not to lose curiosity about things.

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