Can you send the link to the gifs of the sex scene from The Deep Blue Sea?


I did a gifset several months back. If this isn’t the one, let me know.

(I’m all flustered now whoops.)


Hello and sorry to bother. I've just watched the new clip of Out of Darkness and I was wondering if you guys could help me understand what the woman is saying cause I can't hear it well, it would really help a small transcript or something, especially the end, when Tom appears. Please? Help a non-english speaker D:

"He let out his last breath. And then he became still…right there…looking at me. Everyone stopped. As if we were all suspended in time. Then I put his hand down, turned, and walked away. 

Behind me, I heard the prayers and tears start again. But had done what I had to do.”

There you go, nonnie! Hope that helps. :)

- Mona

Aaaaand we lost. :| *cries forever*

Oh no :( 

That really sucks D: 

Well played Tennant fans!

Hi! Just wanted to say that Tom made it to the semi-final of the Radio Times award. He is now against David Tennant. He is currently losing so please tell everyone to vote as much as they can! Thanks. :)





we’re losing guys! Tennant fans go hard

we’re still losing omg, c’monnnn

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