adjective: repentant
expressing or feeling sincere regret and remorse; remorseful.
Hi! Do you know where I can find Cymberline play- Tom's version online?

Hey there! 

If there is a version online, I’ve yet to find it. 

A little while back, there was rally of support to get Cheek by Jowl, the production company to release a DVD version for purchase. According to them:

"Our digital archive will indeed include materials post 1999, however, i cannot promise whether this will feature full performance recordings of our productions (such as Cymbeline). Performance recordings are difficult to work with as they generally have complicated copyright restrictions, as well as not always being of the best broadcasting quality.

We are looking to donate more of our collection to the V&A later this year, and a decision may be made then on whether we will allow the general public access to the recordings, however at this stage i am unfortunately unable to distribute the recordings.

We are currently endeavouring to get more of our back-catalogue open to the public and if our position on Cymbeline changes i will let you know.”

This was contributed by someone who got in touch with Cheek By Jowl directly and posted the response they received from the person digitizing their archive.

In a nutshell, we may never get to see the whole thing, which is a shame. 

So for the foreseeable future, we’ll have to make do with this documentary by ARTE (part one | part two), these clips, a rehearsal clip (with Tom doing yoga stretches, I think?), and of course, this singing and dancing bit.

Sorry I couldn’t find more.

- Mona

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